Review: Mammas Box Subscription

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of baby products on the market? I did when I was pregnant with Saoirse, and since she’s been born, it’s still a massive task trying to decide what brands are best for her and what products work the best. This is where Mamas box, a monthly subscription service is perfect, its full of specific products for you and your baby.

Each box is different, and every month the products change, we received a five-month box, and it was perfect for the milestones that Saoirse is reaching. I would have loved one of these boxes through my pregnancy too as there are products like bra extenders, body lotions and everything you need as a pregnant or new time mum but don’t know.

You can also send a box as a gift to someone, this idea is perfect for people who want to buy a great gift for a birthday, the birth of a baby or just because you want to give them a gift but have no idea what to buy them or what they will need. That’s the beauty of Mammas Box; they do it all for you.

So what do you get in a Mammas Box?

4-5 full size products and essentials.

Included in our box was:


Mammas Mug- Perfect for that hot cup of tea during my ‘me time.’


2018 Diary- I love this, its full of tips and suggestions on making your year super happy

Silicon Bib- Saoirse loves this bib, it’s so easy to clean when shes covered it in food and is soft around her neck so it doesn’t rub her skin

Milestone Cards- I’m a big lover of these milestone cards and always do a monthly photo, now we have food ones too, stay tuned for even more updates!

Annabel Karmel Cookbook- I had never heard of Annabel Karmel until I went to see the mums at fat camp and they all raved about her (I was an Ellas Kitchen lover only). Now I have my own recipe book, I’m a changed woman, and I’ve welcomed her recipes and ideas into my life. – its a cookbook perfect for introducing Saoirse to food and gives you lots of recipes to try.

Water Wipes- Although we don’t actually use Water Wipes, I do like them, and how pure and natural they are so I’m glad they were included in our box but not necessarily the best item in the box.


I was lucky enough to ask Chirin, mumpreneur and founder of Mamas box some questions too:

What inspired you to create the company mammas box?
​It was having my children close in age (they are 12 months apart) and without much help, I realised there has to be a way to make this journey from pregnancy to your little one’s first birthday a little easier – and that’s why I started Mama’s Box!

What is your favourite item that you include in a box?
It’s the Belly Belt an incredible maternity invention that helps you extend your regular pants/skirts and wear them for longer during your pregnancy!​

What were the top three items you couldn’t live without when you had your baby?
​Sock Ons – clever little inventions that are worn over baby’s socks to keep them in place. I used to lose my baby’s socks all over the place until I came across these!
My Little Mico Nursing Cover – it was made out of light cotton, so my baby doesn’t get too hot underneath, while still providing perfect coverage and allowing me to breastfeed discretely in malls/parks etc.
A large bamboo muslin that I would use as a swaddle, pram cover, play mat or burp cloth! Lulujo have amazing ones!
How do you manage your time between family and work?
I’m not sure I do! I’m focusing on spending more quality time with my (now four and three-year-old) toddlers. Playing cars or pretend, reading books, being a good listener to them, with no digital distractions!
Any tips for expecting or new mums?
​Focus on the happy moments and be grateful for every passing day!


Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 14.27.11

You can find out more information by visiting their website Mammas Box

Or check out their instagram page Mammas Box

*Stay tuned you may see some familiar faces on their social media pages soon too!

Let me know if you have tried Mammas Box before and what you think? If not, order one for someone today, its worth it!




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